Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year Thanksgiving would  be different. Very different. For starters, we would have a plan, a Google doc file to collaborate and elaborate on said plan and then three different kitchens in the same geographical area to execute our extremely well laid out plan. The Boy called me a dictator while the Professor accused me of subversion and trying to turn everything pish posh.

However, we stuck to the much as possible. And then this happened. Those three separate kitchens turned out the catering equivalent of three Thanksgiving meals. There was two kinds of brussels sprouts for crying out loud. And we decided to buck tradition and cook a lamb instead of the traditional goose.

And then Singh and the Proffesor noticed pan drippings in the roasting pan and hit a bottle of red wine pretty hard!

Folks new to the bedlam that is the Singh-Saha-Mookherjee-Mukherjee-Pierce-Pal Thanksgiving were left dumbfounded and awestruck as usual. So much so that the Proffesor lost his plate of food which in turn led to some rather energetic sweeping.
Somewhere in the middle of all this, Pihu managed to put up a play with a Thanksgiving theme.

Too much food was inhaled, not much was imbibed (all grown up and responsible citizens and designated driver etc.) and not enough catching up was done. And just when we thought we could not have any more fun, we went to Founding Farmers and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves while waiting. First we waited for the table, then some of us waited while the others started eating. Then we waited for parts of the meal...that never came. But with company like this, one can keep waiting and waiting and waiting.

I cannot believe how much our little group of five has grown and how it continues to grow. Here's to the next time we meet again and further bedlam.

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harman singh said...

food looks pretty cool..
sumptuous I would say ..
my thanks giving food cannot go without ..cranberry sauce :)