Friday, August 08, 2014

The Gherkin Goes to India - Part I

After months of pondering, a week spent buying tickets, hardly any planning and just enough packing we have arrived in India. All four suitcases, two backpacks, two traveling adults and one pint sized wandering four year old have been deposited at the Grandparents for unloading, feeding and pampering.

The Gherkin spent the weeks leading upto THE FLIGHT planning out her sleep routine.
"Daddy, do they have bedrooms on the plane"
"Mama, will I wear my jammies"
"Mama, will I drink milk"
"Daddy, will they have TV on the plane"

As the parent of any four year old will attest, it was sheer joy when it all paid off and she slept for the first ten hours of the 12.5 hour long haul flight to Abu Dhabi. The fact that her kicking kept me awake was on no consequence. Abu Dhabi to New Delhi was uneventful. We reached home at around six in the morning. After a nice shower, followed by a warm breakfast we settled in for a snooze. We woke up to Grandma's cooking and promptly went back to snooze some more. At some point, we woke up and somehow found ourselves in a Mall and with a whole lot of stuff that we had miraculously managed to purchase in our jet lagged state.

And now, father and daughter are sound asleep while I type this. From North America to Asia + shopping in Asia done in less than 40 hours...not bad. 


Avneet said...

Though short but still it was a sweet memory that you kept alive. Waiting for the next part. :)

Joy Forever said...

Waiting to read the rest of the experience. Enjoy your trip!