Tuesday, January 01, 2013


There is snow on the ground outside. The house is strangely silent, while I sit here with a warming goblet of cognac (I always wanted to quaff from a goblet) and wonder about the year that was. The Boy is putting the Gherkin to sleep. They are probably reading a Curious George book.

For starters, the Gherkin is no longer a gherkin. I might as well stop calling her that now, given the fact that she is more of a full blown pickle than Gherkin now. In 2012, she discovered words - delightful, expressive, ebullient words, words like "eewgusting" (eee+disgusting = ewwgusting), cup-cup (water), blue-blue (blueberries), coon-coon (racoon) -yes, there is pattern developing here and I am quite aware of it. She made us feel really special by declaring that we were her best friends. And we have witnesses to that, just in case she changes her mind in few years time. 

I made new friends. Friends much younger than me and with a point of view that is remarkably different from mine. But is has been so much fun hanging out with them as they figure out the same things we did when we were in their shoes. Here's shout out to Jean-Michel, Lynna, Reuben, Sapeksha and Sahar- thanks  for making my second innings on the turf of grad school so much more fun.I think I just made some sort of oblique cricket-y analogy! Also, thanks for my one and only Six Flags trip. 

We did not travel much this summer. So to make up for it we took two back to back trips in November.

Obama won a second term, apparently to "fight the bullies" and in the process, he managed to royally tick off the Gherkin, who now refuses to listen to any male voice on the radio by proclaiming "NO BAAEERACK OBAMA"  angrily from the back seat.

I developed a sordid, unhealthy relationship with Netflix, watched almost all of the British collection available. Dr. Who rules!

This would be the year that saw some of our friends in Maryland empowered to get married and the New Year will be heralded in with the wedding of our close friends. Welcome to the not-so-happening club.

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Joy Forever said...

Nice post. "NO BAAEERACK OBAMA" is hilarious! 2012 was also the year when I failed to meet the Gherkin and her best friends although I did visit Maryland on a very hurried Thanksgiving trip. Maybe we'll meet again this year. A very Happy New Year to you all!