Monday, November 26, 2012

The Essential Thanksgiving Post

is back after a brief hiatus of three years during which some of the protagonists went off and had babies.  As always for posterity's sake, here are a few haphazard memories of a topsy turvy, wibbly wobbly*, slightly tipsy, wee bit sleepy and a delightfully full Thanksgiving in Austin

The food, the food, the food- it always starts with the food.  There was loads of  it on Thanksgiving night but all I remember is the lamb bourguignon cooked in a pale yellow Le Creuset pot, a wobbly but boozy tiramisu, and somehow getting complimented for setting out a bowl of salad. And then there was barbecue from Rudy's and that taco place by some massive highway. On a totally unrelated note, the civil engineer within is still not sure why Texas needs all that concrete and all those loopy elevated freeways.

Black Friday shopping sprees at Forever 21 by young things who are Not Yet 21. Midnight fashion shows and discourses on the merits of circle scarves. Hiking all the way to see "the River" which was anything but. Some boys got their just desserts, or so we think.

The little people who got along till they just could not anymore, nap times, parenting advice given,taken and argued over. No one wants to be like their parents till they become parents.

Train rides - the things you do for love.

Most airport trips ever, someone was either coming or going or being left behind on a daily business.

San Antonio - a wash out of a trip, at least the weather was good. The Missions will have to wait for another time.

* We are in a Dr. Who frame of mind, just in case someone out there is wondering.

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