Tuesday, August 07, 2012

On Staycations

We are getting to like the idea of a staycation so much that we have opted for it over a real vacation this summer. Vacation planning with a toddler is a nightmare and after all the planning, the actual vacation feels like a battle - what with all the baby gear that has to be packed, loaded, unloaded and then the same drill all over again on return. Then there is the journey itself followed by strange place anxieties that need to be soothed, the baby friendly meal options that need to be planned. So for a lazy mom like me, staycation it is. The Boy decided to take the Tuesdays and Thursdays off, for a period of two weeks and this is what we did.

Day one of the staycation, the Gherkin went to daycare and the Boy and I, went shopping, ate at a new Thai place and watched a movie. These days, when we do have the opportunity of watching a movie in the theatre, we debate and plan on a war footing. Wasting the opportunity on a so-so movie seems criminal.  Woody Allen movies are rarely enhanced by a Dolby Sound system, but a block buster movie - now we are talking. This new, refined line of thinking led us directly to the cool, dark confines of a theater playing "The Dark Knight Rises". I am not a great fan of the Batman series - the pseudo-intellectual claptrap might work for a pimply thirteen year old but it leaves me rather cold but Robin was cute and that was enough to make me happy.

Day two of the staycation (with the Gherkin dispatched to daycare) was spent in D.C., where much museum hopping and art appreciation happened. One of the perks of living so close to the Capital City is that you get to check out the sights whenever you feel like, which also means that you keep postponing it for yet another day.  The National Archives which is open only on weekdays is one of those sights that only the tourists get to see, since our D.C. trips usually take place during the weekend. We took the opportunity of this weekday visit to check out the Archives...finally. Impressive!

 On day three, the Gherkin joined us (we are pretty decent parents after all) and off we went to the Zoo. The highlight of the day was an Orangutan peeing on the crowds from the O-line, which is like a rope way suspended some thirty feet above ground that the orangutans use to travel between exhibits. The Gherkin thought the panda was over-rated (can't blame her) and focused all her attention on the binoculars near the panda exhibit. "WALL-E, WALL-E", she cried with glee at finding her favorite animation character! So now we know where WALL-E lives.

On day four, all three of us stayed home and vegetated...for lack of proper planning!


liju philip said...

Sometimes we are so caught up with travel that we ignore the real treasures that lie around the place we live. Once in a while its great to go around the city we live or the outskirts and discover the place.

Joy Forever said...

Children have a way of looking at things. Wall-E! I would never have thought of that. Here's a photo of Wall-E to keep her entertained.