Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Spring Cleaning

Off late, cleaning has been on my mind. Cleaning the basement is my personal sisyphean task. I am convinced that my basement generates cardboard boxes, broken chairs, plastic thingamajigs every time I turn around. I am approaching it with renewed vigor this year. Things have been organised, lists have been made. Once the semester is over, a trip will be made to the recycling center.

Other odds and ends have been given away or for sale ads for them posted on Craigslist. The pantry is being systematically cleansed of odd bits of this and cans of that. Next on my to-tackle list are the contents of our wardrobes. 

And then just like that, my mind turned to relationships and life. What if I could do the same with life? Make a list then systematically prune out all the old and decayed relationships, throw out all the vague Facebook connections one has acquired over the years and finally clean and polish all that remains. Not a bad idea, eh!

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