Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On a Possible Future with a Cat

The Boy and I have come to the conclusion that some day we will have to adopt a cat. A black and white one. The signs have been there all along. First there was Hixie. She belonged to a neighbor in Greenbelt. We befriended Hixie during our evening walk and very soon, Hixie became the reason for the walk.

Then we moved to Silver Spring and Buttons found us. After nearly three years of playing with this neighborhood cat, we find out he has an owner (something we had suspected), a dad (that orange tabby he hangs out with) and a name (Felix, his dad is called Rocky). Buttons/Felix is the right sort of cat for us. He likes his space and lets us keep ours. We get to play with him when he stops by and we even feed him some catfood now and then, but there is no commitment. Not even a whiff of it...not from him, nor from us. And the Gherkin like him too, though to our eternal befuddlement he does not seem to return the affection.

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