Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Things You Do For Love

Just finished putting the final touches to a rather lopsided double layer chocolate cake, the kind that screams CHOCOLATE from each ounce, the kind that I do not care for, very much. Yet here I am, wiping little sticky drops of ganache from my hands which smell like I have been warming them by a fire fueled by cacao nibs.

The Gherkin has inherited the Boy's love for all things chocolate. The gene that codes for chocolate trumps the gene that codes for fruit jelllo, or so I am told. So anyways, I was planning a birthday cake for the Gherkin (last year, it was pineapple upside down) and it became rather hard to ignore the clarion call of chocolate. After much hemming and hawing (read considering options like boxed cake mixes and or buying a ready made cake) I finally decided to cave in and bake the whole thing from scratch. Two layers of dense chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting to appease the Gherkin and the Boy and a layer of raspberry jam and raspberries on top for me!

The result is not perfect or uniformly pretty and there is a fair bit of compromise involved....sounds a lot like love, doesn't it?  A very happy Birthday to my Gherkin who turned two today.

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