Sunday, February 12, 2012

When the Boy is Away

the Girl gets to Play...but, wait, that was in the past (as in  2009 but it could have been 1999, for all we know). Now the Girl has a Gherkin who needs to be fed (fairly regularly throughout the day), given a bath (once a day, but it lasts a really long time and involves enough squeeze-y toys, washcloths, towels, creams and lotions that Cleopatra would do a double take) and then put to bed ( at least twice during a day). All this means that the Girl does not get to play anymore and if she does actually manage some playtime, it is scheduled so tightly that it starts feeling like work.

But that does not mean a Girl cannot have fun. In the past week, the Girl has managed to watch a movie every night, caught up on old TV shows and eaten her way through a tub of lemon ginger ice cream. And, also let's not forget the dinners of Paneer Maggi, that she has been rustling up for herself.

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