Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Perfect Day with the Gherkin

An early morning show of Mouse on the Move at the Imagination Stage, followed by a long drive through rural Montgomery County (the Gherkin went to sleep in the car and when the Gherkin sleeps, she sleeps...kapisch!) and then lunch at Mandalay in Silver Spring. And it's not over yet...there was another walk around downtown in the freezing cold with an excited Gherkin afterwards.

Through all this, the Gherkin behaved impeccably. It would have been great if she ate something other than white rice at the restaurant, but once you have locked horns with an eighteen month old you know better than to complain. You count your blessings and hope for another wonderful day.

Incidentally, the Gherkin is watching Curious George with her dad downstairs while I write this...that bit of good luck is continuing!

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