Wednesday, November 02, 2011

And just like that, my resolution for the year (the one where I solemnly resolved to cook a vat of soup every week) died a solemn death. No one noticed, no one cried. It was all very discreet.

Life goes on, with or without a weekly tureen of soup. I am back in graduate school,this time it is a for a PhD. I love the course work, but am hating the term projects. I am yet to start on any research work but I am sure I will find a lot to complain on that front too.

And one more thing, our front yard isn't the most dreadful on the block. Thanks largely, to the efforts of our neighbor Barbara who is starting her own landscaping business and decided to take on a few yards in the neighborhood as her first clients. She has done a great job working with all the existing features and foliage. There are daffodil bulbs in the little trenches by our walkway and now I cannot wait for Spring to see them pop up.

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