Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Tale of Too Much Corn or The Corny Tale

It started last week with a bag of frozen corn kernels and this soup. A few friends were going to drop by for dinner and when such an event looms in the not so distant future, we head to the fridge and stare at its contents while scratching our head. And then we stare some more and ponder a while. So, while we stood staring, scratching and pondering in front of our open refrigerator, we noticed an half used carton of buttermilk, spied a forlorn bag of corn sitting in the freezer and found a shrivel-ly poblano pepper that was getting more dessicated by the minute.

After grabbing these sad, lonely specimens we went to the nearest computer and googled "corn poblano buttermilk soup" and out popped this recipe. The rest as they say was history. The soup was made. Ours turned green, thanks to the leeks that went into it instead of the onions. Never mind the color, the soup was consumed with gusto and much lip smacking and we felt very smug and satisfied as we loaded the empty soup tureen into the dishwasher, only to realise that we had not clicked a picture of our green corn soup.

But that was last week and we do not dwell on life's little disappointments. Around here we move on to other things, rather quickly . In this case, to the bowl of liquid yellow corny-ness that you see above. This was truly a product of having too much corn at hand, and really bad, pasty corn at that. The guilty corn came from an organic CSA box of a friend, who bought it over to our place for a barbecue party. The corn was grilled and served but they were hardly any takers. The few brave souls who had tried must have warned the others. Anyways at the end of the day, we were left with six or seven ears of grilled corn. So, once again we asked our friend Google.

"Grilled Corn Soup?"

"Oh! yes", said Google. "Try this".

We did and the results were fabulous, in fact better than the corn soup from the week before. We also learned that all corn is not created equal. This corn tasted horrid when grilled but when made into soup, it was utterly delicious. Since this time we did not have friends to feed, it helped that this soup improved in flavor as it sat around in the refrigerator.


Joy Forever said...

I'm sure it tasted delicious, but even upon close inspection of the photo I cannot tell it apart from a bowl of musoor dal.

Anyesha said...

Oi holo. Karo-r corn soup karo-r musuri-r daal.