Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cold Cucumber Soup

A bunch of things happened, which led to this week's soup:

1. My garden was a dud. Our friends, Ayush and Theron, on the other hand had a rather fecund garden overflowing with cucumbers and were happy to lend us some.

2. Ever since we embarked on this soup-a-week craziness we have been wondering about this class of soups called cold soups and fruit soups. It would not be right, if we did not give them a try.

3. There was nothing else in the refrigerator, at least nothing worth turning into a soup.

So a cold cucumber soup it was. Two cucumbers, some ginger, a cup of buttermilk whizzed together in the blender, served cold garnished with diced red pepper - it tasted like it sounds. Totally blah. I think I will stick to my hot soups.

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