Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Deck Garden

Every year, around this time of the year, the loyal readers of my blog (all three and a half of you out there) would expect me to do a quick post about my container garden and the bountiful harvest it produces. So here it is, the post about my little summer garden, the post about the garden that almost did not happen.

I had great plans for my garden this year and procured some really good seeds. But it went downhill rather quickly from there. You see, for seeds to sprout and become strong, happy saplings you need a lot of quality sunshine or an elaborate heat lamp setup. I prefer the former and so I set out my seeds in the living room by the deck door where they get a lot of sunshine and thrive. This year, that space has become the Gherkin's stomping grounds and since she insists on tasting any new thing she comes across, I prudently moved the seedlings to the spare bedroom upstairs. There they sat by the window and sat and sat and sat. I forgot about them and the few brave little souls that had managed to sprout also gave up and withered. After this entire episode happened not once but twice, I just gave up and decided to pot a few standard issue petunias and call it a day. Besides the chives, mint and strawberry plants from the previous year had made a healthy comeback.

But the ghost of my old tomato plants would not let me be. A few weeks back I noticed tomato plants poking out of the petunia pots*. And rather healthy looking plants these were some even had fruits on them. So I did what any gardener would do. I re-potted them in bigger pots and just like that I now have three pots with tomato plants in addition to the pots of mint, chives and strawberries.

*Instead of throwing out the potting soil at the end of the season I usually recycle it by mixing it up with some fresh soil. Seeds from last years plants might have thus found their way into my flower pots, where they proceeded to thrive and grow.


TalkingHead said...

I stop by your blog sometimes, when I need to be reminded that all is well with the world. That simple things like good food, children, road trips, poems and nostalgia still bring a lot of joy. And that it is not healthy to worry about everyone crying about how out-of-balance the world is. Sorry for this morose note..:) I am more cheerful than this in person..:D..

Anyesha said...

TalkinHead: I am sure you are quite a cheerful person, but even the most cheerful among us is allowed to get all mopey once in a while:-)) I am glad that my little corner on the Internet cheers you up.