Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soup from Singapore

This week's soup (a curried carrot one) comes to us from the book Modern Spice by Monica Bhide by way of Singapore. Our good friends, Ishani and Niranjan moved there a couple of years back and have been enjoying the lovely island in all its squeaky clean glory ever since. And in between all the tropical fun and adventure, Ishani tried out the carrot soup recipe from Monica Bhide's book. She liked what she cooked and being a great friend she mailed us the recipe along with a picture.

Like all good soups this one begins with a dollop of butter and a mess of leeks in a hot pot. Once it gets a bit steamy, you add the carrots, some red bell pepper and ginger. A few more minutes of cook-cook and stir-stir later you add a dash or two of curry powder (the original recipe called for coriander powder which I was out of) and salt and pepper. Then you douse the whole thing with some good home made stock and let it all simmer. Once the carrots are cooked, puree the soup, add some milk (the original recipe called for cream) to adjust consistency, garnish with some cilantro and enjoy.

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