Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer's First Long Weekend

The drill is now a familiar one in our household. As a three day weekend approaches we panic. Three whole days of fun and frolic - but where do we actually frolic? By the time we make plans all the nearby places are booked and we are left panicking some more at the prospect of spending three whole days at home doing nothing. While we vacillate some more, one of two things usually happens. Friends call up to say they might drop by or we remember some long lost friends who live within a 200 mile radius and then call them up to say we might drop by. Or if we find ourselves staring at the looming weekend and none of the above has happened, then we call up a few random folks and have ourselves a barbecue.

This year, we called up our friend Y and invited ourselves over to his place in Newark. The plan was as glorious a plan that has ever been hatched by a pair of lazy dimwits. We would wake up on Saturday, feed the Gherkin and ourselves. Then pack the car and head for Delaware. We would take a break at Have De Grace to take a looksie and grab lunch before heading on.

But like all grand plans this one had mighty flaw - we forgot to get the Gherkin's input. So she let us have it, by bawling at the top of her lungs as we barrelled down I-95. And the rules of the road say that when the Gherkin wails, you stop. So we stopped. At a Dunkin Donuts on the outskirts of Baltimore City, where the Gherkin proceeded to holler some more, while we sat around and sipped iced coffee like responsible parents. After all involved parties had cooled down sufficiently we piled into the car once more to begin our journey. The Gherkin promptly went to sleep. We decided not to stop at Havre De Grace as we were running late and it would be rather unwise to wake a sleeping Gherkin mid slumber.

We reached Delaware at around 4 pm. We had dinner with Y and his family at Ali Baba in downtown Newark. The food was great, the service lovely. We shared a botlee of Lebanese wine which went very well with our kebabs - lamb for the boy and a kafta for me. For dessert there was mint tea and banana bread, back at Y's place .

On Sunday, after a leisurely breakfast of endless cups of coffee and pastries on the porch, we headed to Longwood Gardens. We managed to pick what seemed like the hottest day to visit. A stroll along the fountains helped some.

We walked through the topiary garden and had fun trying to figure out some of the topiaries- a duck here, a dog there and a shaggy little rebel in the corner.

As it was unbearably hot outside we headed to the conservatory for respite, but not before figuring out the details of the sun dial.

A quick lunch at the cafe, a stroll through another section of the garden and a quick snooze for the Gherkin later we were all set to start our epic journey back. And yes, the Gherkin yelled and hollered her disapproval all the way home.

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