Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Weekend Visit

Our friends, Vrishali and Pravin dropped by for a visit last weekend. We were meeting after more than a year and much had happened in between. Their boys had grown up and we had managed to sprout a Gherkin.

The Gherkin was not sure what to make of the visitors. The adults were deemed okay but the two little boys (who insisted on being friends and doting on her) were most puzzling.

All that doting and cuddling just did not impress the Gherkin, whose wee friends sometimes barely move. The mere lifting of one's head is considered too much of an exercise by some in her circle.
In spite of the minor setbacks, relationships on the whole were rather cordial. We managed to watch India win the World Cup and check out the cherry blossoms in D.C. Though, the Gherkin and her parents got waylaid by the dogwood blooms and landed up in a museum cafeteria, where the Gherkin had a hearty meal of veggie mush while her adult handlers shared a table with some folks from Indiana who are attempting to cultivate black truffles on hazelnut trees. Needless to say, much interesting conversation ensued.
And since this was such a hectic week, we made an old favorite - Cream of Leek and Mushroom soup, which was whipped up for a lunch event.

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