Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh! How the Mighty Have Fallen

I had never imagined myself as a mommies club mama or a mama who goes to lunch, in fact I was adamant that I would never join the former. And here I am doing both. If we (the Gherkin and I) are not rushing out for an impromptu walk in the park with other mommas and their wee ones, then we are sitting around with a bunch of moms and their babies, discussing baby sleep patterns over meatballs in Ikea - which by the way is the most baby friendly place on the planet. Okay, make that the second most baby friendly place after home on the planet. Need proof?

Stroller friendly parking spots and covered parking - check.
Well lit cafeteria with plenty of open space - check.
Nursing room - check.
Diaper changing station with disposable liners - check.
Bottle warmers, free bibs and high chairs that babies cannot climb out of -check, check,check.


Now all this hanging out with other mommies business does not leave us with much time to rustle up dinner. So when I found this recipe in the from the newspaper (yes, how quaint!), I cut it out and filed it. And this week when a nice head of cauliflower was sitting all alone in the crisper I decided to dispatch it to a soupy end. However instead of making fresh pesto, I just added a dollop of store bought pesto at the end.

The verdict - the vegans can have their cauliflower soup and keep it. We would rather dip our soup spoons into a thick, creamy, cheesy, non- vegan chowder any day. And by the way, we also tried the leftovers (it was a rather large head of cauliflower) with a dollop of cilantro chutney - it tasted just fine.

PS: Picture courtesy, The Washington Post and the title courtesy, our friend Mr. Rai who keeps repeating it every time we meet.

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