Monday, March 14, 2011

What's for Dinner?

On a regular day a gazillion things go through my head, sometimes one at a time and sometimes a dozen and a half all at once. But most alarmingly, I spend a lot of time and energy thinking about what I will eat. Yes, the what's for dinner question takes up a lot of my brains processing power. On the other hand, since I am an omnivore, Michael Pollan tells me that it is my lot in life and I am actually better of that way. No McNuggets for us.

Though I have to admit that in the last few weeks, as I was driving around with the Gherkin (who was sound asleep in her carseat) the what to eat question drove me nuts. I desperately wanted to eat something other than the contents of my refrigerator. Yet going into any of our usual haunts meant that the associated activity of unloading the Gherkin would wake her up, thereby sending my plans of enjoying a nice lunch belly up. The only way I could order a meal without waking her up was at a drive through. And just like that, I saw the Golden Arches beckoning in my rear view mirror.

The call was strong and clear and I answered it dutifully by driving up to a board and asking a the static-y voice for a quarter pounder with cheese, fries and soda. Then I drove up to a second window and paid for my order and waited for a long time until the friendly cashier told me that I had to drive up to yet another window for my order. Which I did and was promptly rewarded with a paper bag containing my burger and fries. As I drove away, the car filled up nicely with that familiar fast food smell. I ate a few fries while driving and then finished the meal at home. I have to admit I enjoyed my tinny fries and the picture perfect burger. Apart from the fact that I had succeeded in my mission (as stated above) there is always something illicit about a Big Mac meal which makes it all the more fun to indulge in occasionally. Ooh! the thrill of biting into a French Fry that will outlive me if I let it be or slurping a keg of soda whose sugary goodness might make me comatose.

So coming back to the what's for dinner question, two weeks back the answer was tomato soup. Or to be more precise my Mom's tomato soup.
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