Friday, January 21, 2011

When Life Gives You

mushrooms by way of a bumper sale at your local grocery store, you make mushroom soup and not just any mushroom soup, but one with copious amounts of vermouth in it.

Some time back, during a misguided trip to the liquor store I acquired a bottle of vermouth. I might have harbored some misbegotten notion of enjoying a cocktail every now and then, with warm music in the background. Back home, the visions of evening cocktails vanished rather quickly once we found out that babies and cocktails aren't a good match. The bottle of vermouth was banished to the back of the shelf to hang around with the other forgotten denizens of the liquor cabinet.It hug around there and collected dust until a few weeks back when I rescued it. The chances of us enjoying evening cocktails seem rather dim right now, so I have been putting the vermouth to other use. So far we have had almond vermouth cup cakes, vermouth infused pasta sauce and now this soup, certainly not what I had planned to do with the vermouth but delicious nonetheless.

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