Friday, January 28, 2011


We survived the snowmageddon of 2010. The lights were on, the heat was on and so was the kettle.

Eleven months later with just six inches of snow on the ground, things turned out very differently. We lost power on Wednesday evening, within the first few hours of the onset of the storm. The gas fireplace was roped in to keep the house toasty while we sat around in candle light eating cold pasta. The storm raged on outside to the background score of falling trees and electric lines snapping.

Thrusday morning, we woke up in a house that was quite bit colder than usual. Still no power. We cranked up the fireplace once again, but not before the Boy rigged it up so that we could cook in it. The kettle was put on, eggs and toast made. I had almost forgotten the smoky taste of bread toasted on an open flame. Note to self: should do it again some other time.
With the caffeine kicking in the Boy went out (where a tree limb had crashed onto our neighbor's car) to shovel, while the Gherkin and I stayed in to monitor the progress. Somethings never change. At some point, the Gherkin was stuffed into her pepto bismol pink snow suit and made to pose in the snow and the event noted for posterity in the little book of baby firsts.

Back indoors after all the shoveling and picture taking it was time for lunch. Some good old fashioned pioneer spirit was channeled (that is if the early pioneers had access to instant noodles) and ramen was stired into a pot of hot water. Instant noodles, what would life be without their high sodium goodness, especially ones with soy peptides?

So in the spirit of the season, here is this week's soup - Hwa Ramyun, available most probably at your local Asian grocery. Follow directions on the package for a steamy bowl of noodle soup. Add tofu, mushrooms and boiled eggs to appease the inner gourmet.

As soon as the last of the soup was slurped the pioneering spirit quickly dissipated at the thought of spending an entire afternoon at home without electricity. The thought was so dismal that we stuffed the Gherkin (yet again) into her winter finery and headed for the nearest mall to indulge in some much needed retail therapy, before heading over to Ikea - that baby friendly mecca of the best swedish meatballs around. We eventually came back to a dark, dark home.

Late last night, we finally got back on the grid after being powerless for thirty hours.

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Harman said...

its an experience...I am sure you will always remember!!
these instances later become memories!!