Friday, January 07, 2011

Of Soups and Stews

I never make New Year resolutions because I am an utter failure at sticking to them. However, this year I made one. I will make a soup or stew every week.

Given the new family dynamic, food preparation has been relegated to a four hour session over the weekend when I cook a bunch of different dishes for the week. And for the past month or so a soup of some sort has made its appearence on the dinner table. There are a gazillion reasons for that, the primary one being we love soup. I would gladly exchange a functioning body part for a bowl of pho. Then there is the weather bit, it is freezing oustide and nothing warms like a bowl of steaming broth. Soups are relatively easy to make - I throw a bit of this and a a smidgen of that into a pot and let it simmer away while I run the weekend cooking marathon. It also helps clean out the fridge. How else does one use up one leek, half a carrot and a small piece of cheese?

So there I was, chugging away at my weekly pot of hot soup, when a friend posted his success at sticking to his last year's resolution of making a pie every month on the Facebook. Slurpity, slurp, slurp...what if I did something of the sort with my soup fixation? I could crow about it here, thereby reviving this space in the process. And the fact that I had to crow about it would also motivate me to stick with the whole a-year-in -soup thing.

I thought about it a little more and came up with a few pointers for myself.
  • The weekly soup post will not be a recipe post. Just a picture and some such. Recipes are only a Google search away.
  • Stews will be included.
  • It is not about making 208 unique recipes. I am allowed repeats as well as soup mixes.
  • I am allowed an occasional week of soup-less-ness and a run down to my favorite pho place.
Now that the legalities are in place, here is my first soup of the year- Zucchini, Leek and Potato. It is a variation of Jacques P├ępin's Leek and Mushroom Soup with mushroom replaced by zucchini.

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