Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life with the Gherkin

has been a blur of feeding schedules, diaper changes and endless fretting about the contents of said diapers or lack of content thereof!

However, we would still like to be considered cool. Hence in the middle of this madness, one of the first things we did (within a week of coming back from the hospital with gherkin in tow) was watch Zombieland in between feeding sessions!

With our coolness mantle restored, here is a quick, bullet-ed update on life with the Gherkin so far:
  • Movies, if they are to be watched are now watched in parts conveniently arranged around feeding, diapering and sleeping schedules.
  • Schedules are important, very, very important. Babies like schedules and are sticklers for it.
  • The Great Outside is a thing to be feared -it is either too germy, too hot, too cold, or full of people with germs, say the grandma's. So we stay indoors and stare out of windows!
  • Strange are the ways of the young mind. The Gherkin can communicate with the ceiling or the fan up there for hours. We will be wishing for these days when she gets into the I-am-bored phase later on in life.
  • Any word can become cute, just add poo, noo or tiddly widdly at the end. And never, ever underestimate your talent for coming up with new words that you think will amuse the diapered one.
  • Everyone around gets into a tizzy when the diapered one wails, except you. You, the cool parent (remember Zombieland) pick up the wailing child, sniff diaper, coo, try to feed etc. etc, while around you everyone is losing their head. Parents must be automatically endowed with a button which shuts down the panic reflex the moment a earth piercing wail is let out by the diapered one. But beware, this endowment takes a few weeks to go into effect.

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