Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Day four (with one day in between spent at work exchanging snow stories) at home, the pseudo blizzard of 2010 has finally given way to a full blown blizzard..of the sort which howls like a woman possessed. The silver filigree of snow does not seem so pretty anymore.

But then we are not complaining. The power gods have been rather nice to our neighborhood and we have enjoyed this unexpected vacation. We have spent our time:

shoveling snow- only when absolutely necessary

playing in the snow - does any one else think that my hanging pots have snow hats like these gentlemen?
preparing and eating some good meals- plenty of time to think and plan meals.

reorganizing the kitchen- cheaper than re-modelling.

watching a lot of stuff on Netflix- Anthony Bourdain rocks.

getting to know our neighbors-sharing warm, gooey brownies help.

reading the newspaper completely - many thanks to our newspaper delivery man.

and feeding the flock of little birds that have taken refuge under our deck.

So there...phoeey to cabin fever and all that.Posted by Picasa


Alan said...

Yeah!! Good for you! Maybe the balmy north woods would get some snow too!!

Harman said...

nice pictures..we had good 12 to 14 inches here in Michigan.. hard tyme in cleaning!!

Joy Forever said...

Nice pictures! Seems you enjoyed a lot. We only had about a foot and that was more than what I have seen ever before. Our school closed down for a day and a half. :)