Friday, February 05, 2010

Just a Dinner

Last week when we had a little something to celebrate, we headed out to Rockville to our favorite Indian restaurant. The standard underwhelming fare of green, white and orange gloop slathered curries usually means that Indian never really counts as a dining out option for us. However, Bomby Bistro is different. It is the original flagship restaurant of the owners of Indique and Indique Heights. If parking in Cleveland Park were not such a nuisance we would be headed more often to Indique. Indique Heights on the other hand has good parking but tends to be a hit or miss sort of place.

But Bombay Bistro is just perfect. The chicken dosa (with a dry, highly spiced ground chicken filling) alone is worth the trip to this small restuarant tucked away next to a organic dry cleaning shop in the middle of a residential zone in Rockville. The place is packed with regulars even on a weekday evening (usually a good sign) and they don't take reservations, so plan on waiting for a while.

Puritans might turn up there noses at the slighlty unorthodox version of kathi roll served here. It tends to fall apart but it tastes great so I am not complaining. The goat nuggets in the goat curry were a little tough during one visit but the lamb has always been impeccable. The condiments that usually come out with your order have a certain home cooked feel to it. The sambar that came with my chicken dosa tasted was soupy mess of onions, carrots and squash with just the right amount of sambar masala.

During our last visit, we had some tummy real estate left over so we shared the gulab jamun with ice cream. A very common combination but for the dollop of a fig/apricot/orange? (not sure) sauce on the side. It is these little touches and the great service that make this place such a delight. So if you have Indian on your mind and would not mind a trek to the burbs, head to Bombay Bistro.

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