Monday, February 01, 2010

Auto Show and a Dinner

Half a hall full of all things four wheeled and green - check.
Shiny concept cars - check.
Cooler versions of your five year old Corolla -check.

Washington DC Auto Show done-check.

On to the dinner-Ethiopian at Etete. The location was chosen primarily for its proximity to the convention center and the fact that it has been getting consistent rave reviews for quite sometime now. And then, Ethiopian food encourages a primal food orgy, best enjoyed with a group of friends who don't think twice about dunking into a communal plate and sopping up fiery sauces with bits of spongy injera.

We arrived a little after 9:30 pm and were promptly seated. Beware! By suburban standards this is a tiny place and they don't take reservations. So being late probably helped us get seating quickly. The Boy and I started off with some Ethiopian tea to warm ourselves up. I would highly recommend the tea to anyone who loves the idea of masala chai but finds most restaurant versions either too milky or cloyingly sweet.

The Boy settled for his standard-Doro Wat (the combination of a chicken leg with an boiled egg brings on the warm fuzzies for him) while I chose the vegetarian combination with fish. The others at the table ordered the spicy lamb stew and more of the Doro Wat and vegetarian combination. Since the food here comes out on one large plate, sharing and dipping into someone else's entree is okay. Infact, if you have problems with that you should probably stay clear of most Ethiopian food places. The Doro Wat and the lamb stew were better than most versions but it was the fried croaker with a squeeze of lemon that had all of us reaching out for more. And I am not even particularly fond of deep fried whole fish. The vegetables that came with the vegetarian combination were all uniquely seasoned...a big plus in my book. By the time we left at around 10:30 pm, we were stuffed to our gills and warm-a big help that one as outside the temperature was hovering in the teens.

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Harman said...

nice to know about Ethiopian food..I will try sometime ..