Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Movie and a Dinner

2009 will always be the year when yours truly forgot her blog, the year of half hearted posts and equally half hearted drafts, the year of could haves and should haves. Someday we will come back and update 2009 but for now we are all about 2010.

2010, at least the first half of it, will be all about "a dinner and a movie". Not our usual shovel-an-Italian-sandwich-and-polish-off-half-a-ginger-beer-at-Potbelly's-before-making-a-mad-dash-to-the-theatre thingie that the Boy and I are usually known for. And which was exactly how we watched "Avatar". No, 2010 will be about growing up and eating like adults...slowly, with a side of pleasant conversation while savoring every bite. Then gracefully walking into the theatre (without breaking into a sweat) and elegantly settling in for the evening's performance.

The first dinner and a movie night was rather casual. Dinner was Peruvian chicken at Sabroso Grill. If you have not heard of Peruvian chicken it's probably because you do not live within driving distance of D.C. or worse live under a mossy rock somewhere deep in the jungles of Pandora. Sabroso Grill is where we go for our Peruvian chicken fix. The guys at the counter are pleasant, the chicken is always well spiced and they have yucca fries and plantains on the side.

The movie on the other hand was a mild disaster. AFI, Silver Spring was playing A Serious Man.

You know the movie with Colin Firth and Julianne Moore.
Never heard of it, I see.
Doesn't ring a bell?
The Colin Firth movie is called A Single Man... really!

Unfortunately we figured out that we were in the wrong movie after the opening credits rolled by. The dark and broody Yiddish prologue did seem a little out of place and weshould have left right after that prologue instead of struggling through this plodding, gut wrenching, despair laden tale of a physics professor set in a bleak 70's landscape. Though the movie had its lighter moments there was no escaping from the crushing self awareness of having made a boo-boo. On the other hand, I now have a shiny, new word in my vocabulary-dybbuk.


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Gosh - I hope you are letting go of ginger ber as well :)

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