Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Essential Thanksgiving Post

Since this has been the year of confronting one's fears, we decided to finally have turkey for Thanksgiving this year. Besides with a guest list of fifteen adults and four children it seemed the more sensible thing to do. So here's our kosher bird from Trader Joe's slathered with homemade Italian dressing on its way to the refrigerator on Wednesday.

And here's the same bird on Thursday evening after spending a few toasty hours in the oven. A Youtube tutorial made carving a cinch. The verdict-the turkey was good as far as turkeys go but I still prefer chicken.

And here's the rest of the spread. Brussel sprouts, spicy cornbread, black bean and quinoa salad, a southwestern slaw and sweet potato mush. Yes, I completely forgot the cranberry sauce and yes, nearly a year later our dining room still looks sort of bare.

Missing in action- the desserts. We forgot to take pictures of the apple cake and banana walnut bread as we were too engrossed in our game of dumb charades. The apple cake recipe came from this book while the banana bread is my version of this recipe where I get to swap out the chocolate chips with walnuts.


Harman said...

Turkey looks awesome.. yup cranberry sauce ..or cranberry mango salsa goes well with turkey!!!
The turkey I prepared this year didn't come out that good ..maybe I roasted it in a bag.. and it was more of soggy then crisp..
but then We always learn from our experiences..
Nice post thou!!

Online Bengali Gifts said... be much precise..the roasted turkey :) lips reminds of a day where I attended one Seminar of Probasi Bengali's there and in the lunch we had roasted turkey..splendid..