Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

A nagging cough and persistent showers has meant that I have had to stay indoors, consume steaming cups of cha and catch up with my reading. Three down and one more to go before the vacation officially ends.

Indian television sucks - there is no other way of putting it. Every news channel seems like an Indian language reincarnation of Fox News.

No more pictures to post, the camera has taken a vacation too.

And I now have an accent- none of the customer service reps seem to get what I am blathering about. Five excuse mes, three repetitions and some garbled Hindi has usually done the trick so far. Apparently, my Hindi proficiency has also gone down the drain.

1 comment:

Joy Forever said...

You made the rain "go away" and come here... just in time for your return! :-)