Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

A warm and muggy August morning is probably not the best time to visit the 700 acres of marshland that constitute the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens. We reached the park at around 9:30 am and walked around the ponds by ourselves before joining an interpretive tour at around 11:00 am. The blooming season for nuphars was over, but the lotus was going bonkers

One of the many surprises was the lack of mosquitoes throughout the park given that August is peak mosquito season in DC and this was a marsh. Apparently dragonflies prey on mosquito larvae and help eliminate them. During the interpretive tour we smelled the lotus (hints of spice and fennel), learnt a little more about cattails and wild rice and finally saw the "other" lily ponds. Since the lily has many natural pods, it is first bred in separate ponds behind the Visitors Center and then introduced into the main ponds. The lilies were clearly our favourites with their fascinating colors and even more fascinating names.
And amongst them all, this one, called Blue Smoke was the one that got my vote.


The Wanderer said...

Hi Anyesha,

I have been a long-time invisible reader. For reasons unknown, even to me, I never commented on any blog that I read...not even ones that I visited regularly...for example yours. Today, suddenly, I had the urge to connect with all the bloggers whose blogs I read. So, here I am :)

I like your writing. I especially liked the travelogue - Dreaming of mountains.

Keep writing !

Anyesha said...

Thank you for piping in...longtime lurker.