Thursday, July 30, 2009

By Ourselves or A Weekend by Weekend Account of What We Did When The Boy Was Away

The Boy went to Moscow in early June and suddenly lost all interest in coming back. So in his absence we amused ourselves with an assortment of activities.

On the First Weekend by Ourselves we went hiking in the Great Falls area. Four hours of walking and rock scrambling on a Saturday afternoon and a day trip to DC on Sunday later we were done with the activity quota for the week. And we proceeded to spend the week
day evenings parked in front of our projector watching reruns of Coupling.
The second Weekend by Ourselves started off well with good food at Penang. The misguided idea of a nocturnal visit to Gravelly Point led to an accidental visit to Alexandria and some more TV till the wee hours of the morning.

By the time the Third Weekend by Ourselves came around, we had managed to pass on the Coupling bug to others and thus spent it gloriously rewatching Season 1 and 2 of till we passed out. By then the good part of the brain started up this protest march inside our cranium and in an effort to hush it we decided to do something cerebral - like visiting the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival. Also met Cleo the furball who loves sleeping in the closet.
We recuperated from our Fourth Weekend by Ourselves by pigging out on cholar daal, paneer, jhinge posto, chicken and chatni and then lazing around in front of an absolutely corny Uttam Kumar movie- "Deya Neya". Watching fireworks from a horizontal vantage point added to the happiness quotient too. And just when life just could not get any better we were invited to partake of leftover chicken and chatni with luchi for lunch next day.

So now, where were we...ah! the Fifth and Final Weekend by Ourselves. We did the only possible thing left on the list...heading to the beach. After much misadventure, we made it to Cape Henlopen in Delaware. There was plenty of good food, some beach football, dolphins in the water and good music too. Also our frilly beach hat recieved a lot of unpleasant attention.

We highly recommend the beach at Cape Henlopen. The sand is a little too fine, but the beach is very clean and the no alcohol policy means no drunk people making a nuinsance of themselves. There is an entry fee of eight dollars per car and the umbrella rentals cost us about 15 dollars each.

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