Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dreaming of Mountains-Part Two

A tummy full o' scrambled eggs, French toast, sausage, coffee and juice makes for some rather happy hikers.

First stop:-Brink of Lower Falls. Small hike down to the edge where the might Yellowstone goes tumbling over. The hike is short but steep-a drop of 600 feet in about half a mile.

Been there done that…what’s next? A mini hike up to Inspiration Point takes us to another waterfall instead. Always seek directions from the traffic engineer who does not know her left from her might be pleasantly surprised!

Now what? Head to Canyon Village and refuel on coffee and fudge. Make a mental note to mention that they have rather good coffee every where in this park. See the boring movie in the visitor center while Ishan gets his passport.

Head out to the Yellowstone Lake next and find a frozen, grey water body. No dippy toes here!! THE toes are rather disappointed.

Finally head back to the Lodge again…Driving the windy mountain road to Mammoth is no fun in the dark but atleast there are pretty waterfalls at every turn, or so it seems.

Wonder where the bears are on the long ride back. The bison and elk get boring after a while.

After a long day the bison burgers taste extra yummy at dinner and the extra sleeping space is a welcome relief too.

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