Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dreaming of Mountains - Part Three

Sunday morning...we leave at 11”o” clock again. I decide to drive. The level of enthusiasm folks have shown for driving, has finally piqued my curiosity. After a few minutes I can see why? We drive through the northern most parts of the park. This is definitely the more scenic and remote area. The snow banks are higher and the elevation gains spectacular.
And then there is that holy grail of park sightings - a bear!

Followed soon after by a moose.

We drive on to the Artist's Point to take in the iconic image of the Yellowstone as it cascades down hundreds of feet of rock.

The plan is to drive around the loop and head south into Grand Teton National Park and then take the scenic back roads all the way to Salt Lake City. The road gets bumpy soon after we leave Yellowstone. The weather turns a few shades grayer. And then right there…out of the clouds appears a vision. The Tetons…

We stop at every bend in the road. We grow silent and wonder. Yellowstone feels like a Disneyland in comparison.

We keep driving south in silent contemplation.
At the ski town of Jackson, we slurp what can be only described as the best vegetable soup ever at the Bunnery. As the rain starts coming in fast, we head south, through the cloud covered Teton Pass (10, 334 feet) onto Idaho, where a brilliant sunset suddenly lights up the landscape.But fear of wildlife forces us a change of plan and soon we are heading down I-15 (ugly, nasty I-15) at 90 mph..hurtling towards the twinkling valley lights. And just like that it is all over. We are back in our little suburban cubby holes still dreaming of mountains.


Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Anyeshadi have you a photoblog with these pictures? they are beautiful

Anyesha said...

Thank you, Thank you. I don't have a separate photoblog. This blog space is a good enough substitute. Some of the pictures from this trip were clicked by Ishan. He has some really good ones at:

Alan said...

Consider visiting Banff - the Canadian cousins. Breathtaking indeed.

Joy Forever said...

Your description was awesome and the photos matched perfectly with them! Lovely reading.