Sunday, May 03, 2009

Of All Things New and Shiny

For the past two weeks, we have been celebrating graduations, new jobs and new beginnings.

Over in NYC, Nandan welcomed a new brother and closer home our little Ms. Rai did the same. SD is officially done with grad school and come summer Dr. SD will be headed to New England to start the next phase of his life. R will follow later. The Papaya genome guy - Dr. NN and his tree hugging wife - I are also done with Maryland. Singapore beckons them to her shores. And just like that, the Boy and I will be left with a ginormous black hole in our social calendar. No more impromptu thursday night outs... at last it is time to grow up.

And in the middle of all this, no one noticed when the front yard went bonkers and sprouted dandelions all over...ugh!!!


Alan said...

It is indeed a time of transitions. Enjoy the farewells and the new arrivals. The social life I am sure will fill in by and by :)

Joy Forever said...

I love dandelions! They make such good photographs... and I heard you can cook and eat them too!