Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dreaming of Mountains - Part One

A few hurried phone calls, some internet deal hunting and a bit of finagling for leave later, we are all set for our Memorial Day weekend trip. The Boy and I fly into Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday evening and are joined by our friend Ishan and his colleague from California. We pick up our rental vehicle (a Chrysler Apsen), spend the night at the little sister's apartment and on Friday morning head out for Yellowstone National Park.

The Aspen purrs along I-15 and Utah, Idaho, Montana go by in a six hour blur of mix CD’s and satellite radio pop. A quick stop for lunch at Bountiful, Utah and for coffee at Idaho Falls. We enter Yellowstone through the West entrance.

Three more hours of daylight remain. Stop, gawk, click pictures, stretch... and then some more before heading for the Old Faithful. Ishan the trip organiser has a very clear idea of what he needs to photograph on this trip and Old Faithful just happens to top that list.

She does not dissapoint. A gazillion pictures later we are still not satisfied. So we grab dinner at the Old Faithful Lodge, walk through what seems like a field full of geothermal oddities...all just to see her erupt once more*.

A landscape of fantastical shapes and twisted colors, the magic of Yellowstone is just about beginning to work when...

...the setting sun finally forces us to head north to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel where the friendly staff inform us that they have thoughtfully reserved a “crib” not a “cot” for us. Errm…no thanks! will manage without. And manage we do as all five of us pack into an itsy-bitsy cottage(second surprise of the evening) and settle down for the night.

Moral of the story: It helps to be tired when one is as cozy as sardines in a hermetically sealed can and it also helps immensely if one happens to be close friends with the other sardines.

* Speaking of oddities....this is also where I spot her, the young lady in the wispy dress and nine inch heels struggling to maintain her balance on the boardwalk!


Joy Forever said...

Nice pictures. You and your little sister look exactly alike here! :)

Anyesha said...

Thank you. Its funny how we look alike now, but never did while growing up.

Anonymous said...

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