Monday, March 02, 2009

Lancaster County

A trip to Lancaster County, PA always leaves me feeling like an intruder. Downtown Lancaster is a tourist trap. On weekends you have folks dressed like the Amish peddling all sorts of stuff to the hordes of tourists who come to town while the real Amish are enjoying their weekends which they take rather seriously. Besides if were them,I would not like tourists traipsing through my yard, gawking at my kids, my chicken coop and my wash basin either. So let some impostor play dress up while you go about your own business.

We usually visit one of the three museums in town. It feels less intrusive. You can click all kinds of cool pictures without bothering real people and once you are done you can head out for lunch. Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine is a little too bland for us. But we do love their apple cider and the green beans and always make it a point to buy a gallon of apple cider if we happen to chance upon an Amish Market, which happens quite regularly in Lancaster. And remember that thing about this place being a tourist trap, it has its positive sides...lots of chain food establishments which cater to every kind of cuisine.
Then onto North Market Street, to see the Quilt Museum. Since most of the trips we have made are were orchestrated for the sight seeing
benefit of others, we always make a stop here. Infact, we first visited Lancaster in 2008 with the in-laws.
From the humble hand made ones to the jaw dropping ones designed with the help of sophisticate computer programs, this museum has always been a hit with our visiting friends and family.
And once we are done with the downtown, we prefer driving the back roads and taking in the scenery. No crazy traffic here, just mile after mile of bucolic vistas.
There might be an occasional buggy on the road that you might have to share the road with. Other than that, just driving these country roads is relaxing by itself.
And in the evenings when everything shuts down, we indulge in some retail therapy at the scores of outlets that line Route 30, before heading back to D.C.

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