Monday, July 07, 2008

Fourth of July Weekend

We left early on Thursday afternoon, picked up Jasho and Richa from Valley Forge and drove on to Mystic...yes, of the Mystic Pizza fame. A mini Pilani reunion of sorts happened as Jasho and Pankaj (our host) met up after ages. Much catching up had to be done and was done.

The next day was spent driving and walking around the mansions of Newport. We took a guided tour of The Breakers  - one of the many mansions in the area and then proceeded to the Cliff Walk. My previous visit had been in the middle of a bleak, New England winter and the cold winds kept us from the Cliff Walk. Not so this time around. I could not clamber over many a rock due to a previous ankle injury, but I would still recommend this walk over any of the guided mansion tours.  Later that day, on the way back home, we stopped in a quaint town (I have quite forgotten the name) and watched the Fourth of July fireworks. 
Above - a view from the Cliff Walk and below - the breakers for which the Vanderbilts named their mansion.
Saturday was spent loitering in downtown Mystic, eating the famed Mystic Pizza (blah! pizza but I kept the paper napkin as a memento), souvenir shopping, watching the bascule bridge go up and down and eating icecream.  Don't we look happy sitting on the sidewalk?
And just like that the weekend was over and we were driving down I-95 on Sunday...back home to our regular work schedules and household chores.

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