Monday, March 02, 2009


A trip to Fallingwater had been on the cards for ages. The only problem-a four hour ride (one-way) to the boonies to see an architectural delight always seemed like a lot of work.
So when our friend Nandini and Rajesh expressed the same feelings about Fallingwater, we decided to bite the bullet together and plan a weekend trip - together. The plan was to start the day before, spend the night at a log cabin at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Campground in nearby Mill Run. The Jellystone Park is very good value for money, if you are looking for accommodations with a kitchenette and would not mind carrying your own sheets. I am not going to waste to much time describing Fallingwater here, because nothing I can write
(photography is not allowed inside the actual house) will be able to capture the splendor of this place. And secondly, you have to make the trek yourself to really get a feel for Frank Lloyd Wright's vision. The picture below is taken just before the tour began and shows the drawing room staircase that goes in to the spring over which the house is cantilevered.

On our way back, we stopped by the Cucumber Falls in the Ohiopyle State Park to dip our toes in the gurgling waters of the Youghiogheny [yaw-ki-gay-nee] River. No,not really. As much as we do not let an opportunity to dip our toes in a water body go by, this time we stopped to get ourselves some lunch and the falls just happened to be nearby.

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