Friday, January 30, 2009


First the little stream started freezing up.

Then we got dumped on by the truckloads. Now the big man in the white house thinks we are a bunch of sissies . But really, what's not to like about a snow day?

Wake up in the morning, look out onto the soft pillows of snow that have settled on everything and then check office website.

Liberal leave....yipee! go back to bed and settle in a little more deeply under the blanket. Wake up at around noon, look outside once more and murmur at the snow (which by now has turned to ice). Proceed to plod around in pyjamas, call up friends and discuss how "snowed in" one is while chowing down hot ramen soup. Plod around some more, listen to NPR and pontificate on the economy or watch the weather people on the local TV station go bananas. The next step is the most important of all...keep annoying the Boy about shovelling sidewalk till he gives up and goes out to shovel the sidewalk and clean the cars! Plod around near the door and helpfully dispense clots of constructive criticism. Shovelling done, warm up with some coffee (for the Boy!!), watch Lord of the Rings, eat leftovers for dinner and somewhere in between go take a shower. So you tell me, what's not to like about a snow day?


Joy Forever said...

Exactly! That's what I tried to tell you before! And then, since I don't have the car-cleaning part... I go out and make a snowman if I get bored.

Alan said...

The Big Man is right - you guys are a bunch of sissies. We had 18" since this morning - this is on the high side even for us! Came back home today to find a wall of snow higher than the car blocking the drive way (No thanks to the plough driver!) and a couple of feet of snow on the driveway itself. The mailbox is nowhere to be seen!

We had to park the car by the street climb over the snow hill - tumble down on the other side into the snow bed, on the driveway and plod upto the side door. The Boys were not happy at the sight, at all!!

You need a few strong Midwest winters to build character - like the Big Man's :)

Anil P said...

I would rather breathe the chill for the sharp feel to it without having to experience the cold on the skin :)