Monday, January 05, 2009

Austin Trip -Part One

This year the Thanksgiving meetup was potponed to December due to scheduling conflicts. Gone are the graduate school days. We are all busy proffesionals now, with work life balance issues! We broke with traditions and did a lot of things differently. This was strictly R&R, so instead of four days we made it seven. There was no turkey. We had a much smaller and more manageable meal. But some things can never be changed... like the arguments that ensue when the boys meet.
All of us landed up at Singh and Sunayana's place in Austin over the Christmas weekend. After the catching up was done and the couch was no longer a very iniviting a proposition, we ventured out. First stop -The Alamo at San Antonio. Take a picture and move on. Want to read about the history, go here.
The Mexican Market was way more fun. Full of color, life and 15 dollar pitchers of maragarita.
The Texas Capitol in Austin was grand to say the least. But most curiously, there was hardly any police presence in this cavernous building. We waltzed in at 8 pm and pretty much walked up and down and this way and that. We did not even have to go through a metal detector. I have a sneaky feeling that Texas being the land of capital punishment has something to do with it.
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