Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Here's a Quick One...

I am in New Orleans people...just in case you wanted to know. We have been traipsing around town with our copy of Lonely Planet and so far we have managed to:
  • Get cafe au laits and beignets at Cafe Du Monde. I am still recoverng from the sugar high induced by the tons of sugar particles suspended in the Cafe air.

  • Take the free to Algeirs, look around (decide that it was not worthy of dilly dallying around) and then took the returning ferry back. It certainly qualifies as the shortest boat ride of my life.

  • Take the streetcar to the Garden District and watched enviously as block after block of splendid homes went by. Someday....

  • Walked up and down Bourbon Street with a frozen, sugary alcoholic concoction of unknown origins. Totally bleh! but one cannot leave New Orleans without 1. parading in public with alcohol and 2. visiting Bourbon Street. So there....two strikes in one.
Once the pictures are uploaded a better post will follow.

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Joy Forever said...

Was that boat ride even shorter than the one we took in New York City?