Monday, October 20, 2008

Jasho And Richa's Visit

The summer of 2008 was the one in which the social caterpillar within finally morphed into a social butterfly and flitted around most gracefully. Part of the flitting around was due to the temporary relocation of our friend Jasho from New Delhi to Valley Forge, PA. Don't berate yourself if you have never heard of Valley Forge, PA. We had not heard of it either before Jasho Da landed up in this unheard of corner of Pennsylvania with his wife, Richa. The three of us (Jasho, the Boy and I)  go back a long way and have remained friends  over the years,  across continents, through much drama and through thick and the picture to the right will prove!!!

Needless to say, many back and forth trips later were made. We slept under the trees at the Arboretum, explored the largest Mall in the area (most boring), even walked around the Valley Forge Home Depot, ate Mystic Pizzaa over the Fourth of July weekend and Richa's pillowy phulkas on the other weekends. 
And just when that two hour drive to Valley Forge, PA was getting to be a weekend routine and we had figured out the importance of Valley Forge in American History, Jasho  and Richa were given the marching orders.  Not Fair!!! I am still missing those divine phulkas

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