Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello World!

Today during our evening walk I told the Boy (yes, he wil remain the Boy inspite of all the years that have gone by) that I had not blogged in ages. So here's a blog post for all ye that manage to get way laid (interesting choice of words, methinks....never mind!) to this corner of the internets, a few random (oh! how I hate that bloody word) musings:
1. You know you are really getting old (getting on, geting there....ah! for the love of euphemisms) when gin and tonics replace rum and coke as the drink of choice. The latter will always remind us of our misspent youth in a lonely hamlet by the desert.
2. Please join us in welcoming this young bloke to the shores of the land of the free and the home of the brave. Please to note: one has never met the fine young chappie but given ones highly extended social network one actually happens to know folks with whom he shares a few genes here and there.
3. Life has been coming at us really fast, like that Nationwide ad said it would. More on that latter along with pictures.
4. The Boy just got back from a three week work trip to Bangkok.
5. Edna St. Vincent Millay rocks...we took a lot of trouble to find that link, so the least you can do is click through!
6. We are now addicted to MI-5.
7. Yours truly cleared THE exam.
8. And one more thing...we have subcribed to the Washington Post because we think we are addicted to this whole internets business. So now, like resptectable citizens of yore, one wakes up and goes to the front door bleary eyed, to retrieve the days news. And then over coffee, one reviews the happenings in South Ossetia (note to self: must locate it on the world map, inspite of the friendly inset on the paper), the glories of Michael Phelps and a million other things. So far so good...we have not had a single episode of twitchy fingers as many a well wisher had portented.


Joy Forever said...

O my God! O MY GOD!! My lower jaw positively dropped Disney's-Genie-style when I clicked that "young bloke" link and looked him in the eye. I wonder what the people around me in my university library are thinking about me as I type this giggling to myself! Thank you sooooooooooo much! And to think that I ignored your blog for the last one month or so!
Anyway, hope to meet you sometime soon!

Joy Forever said...

And yes, I almost forgot! Given his highly extended social network, the young chappie actually happens to know someone who was senior to your sister and junior to you in school. She saw you in his Orkut friendlist and asked if you were a cousin.