Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wilson Bridge Dedication

Here are some snaps from the Woodrow Wilson Bridge dedication ceremony last week. By fluke, we managed to get the VIP treatment parked on the bridge! There was a lot of pomp, pageantry, politicians, press and pissed off people*.

The civil engineering nerd within was reduced to tears at the prospect of planting her foot on the edge of the bascule span! A Kodak moment saved for posterity. Somewhere behind that billowing flag is a huge Boeing 747 on its way to DCA. And since this blog revolves around all things me and to prove that I was really there (pssst!...that was MY foot on the bridge) here's me squinting at the camera.

* This bridge is part of the Interstate 95 /I-495 system and the ceremony resulted in rubbernecking delays and a backup that stretched for miles.

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Alan said...

Go Girl!! You rock!!