Sunday, April 20, 2008

Song Kran

Here are some pictures from our visit to the local Cambodian Temple on Song Kran - the Cambodian New Year celebration. There was a lot of traditional food, music, dance, clothes, Cambodian DVDs and videos, southeast Asian arts and plants...and finally there were these two people in masks who were walking around with a bunch of musicians. The male mask looked eerily like Michael Jackson!

There, that's a better shot of the temple.

Ooooh!! Look fried plantains. We milled around that vat of hot oil patiently waiting for the plantain lady as she went about her business, twisting and turning the chunks of battered plantain and taro. And after an insanely long wait out came a few blob of cripsy, goeey fried plantain heaven and in the ensuing mayhem we managed to get a few morsels...yay!

And finally the here's the mug. It sort of gives away the real reason behind this sudden spurt of enthusiasm (apart from the lure of the friend plantains, that is)...a rare occassion to prance around in my very,very authentic Thai sarong.

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Shubhashish said...

your descrition was quite chirpy and crispy. made good reading......:)