Wednesday, March 05, 2008


The customer service person on the other end of the phone was trying hard to sell me a cable TV connection. She could turn on the pipes and send out a surge of bits and bytes. All those bits and bytes would then travel faster than the fastest thing you can imagine, through their new, uber cool fiber optic cable system and drown us in a sea of endless entertainment. And all I had to do was pay a few more measly* dollars each month. Seriously, what's a couple of dollars when you could be wallowing in reality TV day and night?

Nah! not interested. We don't watch cable TV, we do Netflix**.

After I had politely refused all other offers to give Verizon more money than I absolutely need to, I got off the phone and got thinking about that last sentence. Do we do Netflix, watch Netflix or have Netflix? At which point in the not so distant future did we stop subscribing to Netflix and begin...err...Netflix-ing? Just thinking about it made my twitchy fingers reach out for the internets and google it. The Urban Dictionary tells me that the young and hip are no longer subscribing to Netflix, they are netflixing.

So netflixing is in and we can still consider ourselves young and hip. Good to know. Given that one half of us is sitting on that fence that divides twenty somethings from the old people,
small details like this mean a lot these days.

* Measly is single digits. Anything in the double digits does not qualify as measly in my book. Here's a trick to decide. When in doubt, quickly recall your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant. Then go across that mental menu page and look up the price of your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant. Take whatever other big, two digit number you are confused by and divide it by the price of your favourite dish at your favourite restaurant. Now ask yourself this question - Would I rather eat so many orders of my favourite dish at my favourite restaurant (over a certain period of time, not all at once..obviously) or would I rather waste it on THIS?
** She did not quite get what I was blubbering about. She must be way over that fence.


rishabh said...

Here we prefer to net-flick (ok ok bad pun I know)

Anyesha said...

rishabh: We have actually taken quite a liking to internet TV streams now. We get better access to news channels (and for free) than what we would get as paying consumers of cable. So to each his own, I say!