Thursday, February 28, 2008


For the past few days, Jodha Akbar kept coming up regularly in conversations with friends. Given our fragile knowledge of most things Bollywood, we just assumed the worse and sniggered something about Bollywood's valiant efforts and Akbar cringing in his royal grave. Some unfortunate soul mentioned that it was different and that it was a love the same breath. We just sniggered some more.

So while we sat around and stewed in our own cynicism, S and R went and watched the movie, and the famous neighbourhood blogger (obviously very moved by the epic) went ahead and wrote not one, but two posts about it. Being true to ourselves (read the second line of the sidebar bio a carefully) we also turned down an invitation to watch a downloaded/streaming version of the movie.

And then we read this in the last issue of the New Yorker!


binaryfootprints said...

Apparently, Jodhaa was not even the wife of Akbar...a very complicated history. And according to reviews, jodhaa showed the confusion on her face throughout the movie...;)

Keeping up with your Bizzare and odd info posts, there is actually a scholarly article on a rajput princess married to the mughals and how she was one of the most successful tradesperson during the Mughal period. She had her own ship and practically ruled the court.

Anonymous said...

The link to 'famous neighbourhood blogger' is not working.

Madhurjya (Banjo) said...

Interestingly both Sawariya and Jodhaa were loved by women, who for once did not have to bother about boyfriends beside them gaping at the leading lady on the screen. This time the women did it :)