Monday, January 21, 2008

The heavy duty jackets came out of hibernation during Thanksgiving but it does not really feel like winter till the first snow storm arrives...the kind of storm that dumps bucket loads of snow and does strange things to Maryland drivers. However, in these days of global warming and climate change, even a thimble of snow is enough to bring traffic on the Beltway to a screeching halt! And what's winter without some good ol' fashioned wind chill to turn the weather cold? As in flash frozen bones cold, as in don't-smile-when-outside-or-your-teeth-will-freeze-and-fall-off cold, as in runny nose cold, as in dash-in-to-sleepy friend's-place-and-demand-hot-chai cold, as in I-can't-feel-my-digits cold.

So over this weekend, a thimble or two of snow descended on the Capital region sending area drivers into a state of shock. Yours truly had her teeth nearly fall off mid-sentence while attempting humor outdoors. Note to self: humor should be packed away till warmer weather arrives. A friend's siesta was severely disrupted when a weather ravaged couple showed up at her doorstep demanding nourishment. The digits when last checked were still hanging on but the nose...well, we had rather not talk about it.

Yep, winter is finally here!

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