Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nooo York, Nooo York

I should have been studying while the boy spent time absorbed in his newest game. Instead we spent three days gallivanting around New York City. But what about that dainty foot? It survived the tromp-a-la-di-romp through New York's many streets, avenues and subway stations and is not too worse for the wear, thank you.

Old friends and new were met up with. Sack loads of Indian food consumed, starting with kati rolls in West Village at 1:00 am. Ah! the sheer delight of chomping down on a midnight snack of greasy parantha wrapped around tender chicken nuggets.

Art was paid its due respect. The Guggenheim was a bore and to this civil engineer the building itself was art-ier than all that resides within. The Met we realise now, is the MET and shall be paid another visit soon.

A long train ride to Jackson Heights (after much hemming and hawing) was followed by some impromptu shopping at the ginormous Patel's. Precious dollars and pennies were counted and recounted to pay for three chais at a kabab shop. Three dollars for the experience of sipping Indian Railway Station chai out of plastic cups in a dingy restaurant with laminated tables...oooooh!!

Tangra Masala in Queens turned out to be a further adventure. "Cash Only" said the sign on the door. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!* However the long trek to the nearest ATM by a member of the group was worth it when the steaming bowls of soup started appearing. Oh! for the love of Indian chinese and the joys of garlic-ky breath.

And by the way, I am Legend is an awful movie. Watch it only if you have two hours to waste or need to get out of the rain. Atonement on the other hand, is a good watch though half an hour too long thanks to the surreal World War imagery in the latter half of the movie. And it is not a chick flick!!

* Hello, there are those itty-bitty, plastic-y things called credit cards you know??


abhat said...

Ahhhhh .... makes me feel jealous.

Such gastronomic pleasures are rather limited in this part of teh world (south east Scotland).

Last time I was in NY, went to a place called Chinese Mirch, or something like that. Dont exactly remember where, but somewhere close to CUNY. Run by a Bong, I think from Kolkata. Was a pleasure!

Sigh ...

Anonymous said...

@ Anyesha: I read your blog off and on and dare I say you might have enjoyed, as an engineer, the Guggenheim much more in 2005 when the following was running there?