Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its Time For...

A General Update Type Post with bulleted text

  • We have not been upto much were not upto much until this morning, when yours truly strained her dainty, booted ankle while attempting to jump across a ditch in a not so dainty manner. Back at work, alternate hot and cold patches were applied and now, the twisted ankle is stretched out straight on top of the CPU as we type this. And yes, we intend to leverage this injury to milk every ounce of sympathy we can out of every person we run hobble into over the next few days. You have been warned, so be prepared with some instant words of sympathy to lavish on our sprained ankle. If you are no good with words, a few well placed murmurs and exclamations of sympathy will work just fine.

  • The Edward Hooper exhibit at the National Gallery of Art is a wonderful way to spend a cold, chilly day contemplating loneliness in the urban landscape.

  • Neely of the Goat Shui Farm has a new goat and a new blog. And the Proffesor has rather evil designs on the goat.

  • The little sister is in India, at home and warm.

  • Our weekends now officially begin on Thursday evening and life could not be better.

    Anonymous said...

    Awwwwwwww....hope you feel better soon and dont let your ankle ruin the holidays! To be honest, I truly enjoy the loneliness, let me put it as the solitude of the urban life and landscape.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    Joy Forever said...

    Aha re...! I hope I am not too late to sympathize?
    Wish you and your Family a Very Happy New Year!